What Do Tire Numbers Mean?


If you have ever looked at your tires or ordered new ones from the INFINITI of Clarendon Hills parts department, you have likely seen the combination of numbers and letters on the sidewall of them. This code tells you the size and type of tire it is, as well as its particular performance purpose. Are you in the market for new tires and unsure which ones to get? The experts at INFINITI of Clarendon Hills are here to help.

Decoding What Tire Numbers Mean

The tire’s code is a series of numbers and letters that indicate what kind of tire is needed when you visit our service center near Hinsdale. The code indicates the size, load index, speed rating, and type of tire your vehicle needs for maximum performance. Take this code, for example:

P215/65R15 95H

Each section of the code represents the information needed to identify the tire.

The “P” stands for “P-Metric tire,” meaning it’s for passenger vehicles. If your tires read “LT,” it stands for “light truck,” and it’s intended for light-weight pickup trucks. If there is not a letter preceding the code, it is a European style tire – or Euro-Metric tire – and those have different load capacities.

The number “215” stands for tire width in millimeters from sidewall to sidewall. So the width of this tire is 215 millimeters.

After the forward-slash is the aspect ratio code, which is “65,” and it is the height of the tire’s cross-section to its width. This tire has an aspect ratio where its height is equal to 65% of the tire’s width.

The “R” states the tire’s construction, with “R” representing that it’s a radial.

“15” indicates the wheel size from one end to the other, informing us of what tire will fit on this particular wheel. In this case, this tire is meant for a 15-inch wheel.

At the end of the code is “95H,” and that is the load index and speed rating for the tire. The load index (“95” in this instance) indicates how much weight the tire can support when it is properly inflated, which ranges from 75-105 for passenger vehicles. “H” states the speed rating, which is how fast the tire can safely go based on its load capacity. This rating is ranked from A-Z, and this particular tire with an “H” rating can get up to 130 mph.

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