INFINITI Intelligent Key

INFINITI Intelligent Key
The INFINITI lineup is known for its high-tech innovations, ranging from the cutting-edge engine designs to the INFINITI InTouch™ App, but the INFINITI Intelligent Key is one of the favorite features of Downers Grove customers. Why? Let’s dive into the convenience of this smart system.

What Does it Do?

INFINITI Intelligent Key has the power to completely customize your driving experience to your precise specifications. Sure, it unlocks the doors and starts the engine when you approach for effortless entry – but INFINITI doesn’t stop there. The key also prepares your seat and mirror adjustments, stereo settings, and even your climate control automatically when you first slide into the driver’s seat. And INFINITI Intelligent Key usage couldn’t be easier. As long as you are within 3 feet of your vehicle, just press a button to lock the doors or flip on the engine. You can even find more customizable INFINITI Intelligent Key programming options in your owner’s manual.

How Does It Work?

The INFINITI Intelligent Key communicates with built-in sensors in the vehicle, allowing you to communicate with your car from a distance. This allows you to do everything from locking the liftgate to sounding your panic switch remotely. If your key fob detects problems with the signal, you may notice the INFINITI Intelligent Key warning light flip on. This may mean that you need to get closer to the vehicle or that you need to replace the battery. And if you ever need a backup, just flip the fob over to slide out a complementary backup key from the back compartment.

Which Vehicles Offer It?

Want to try out the INFINITI Intelligent Key? Start looking at one of the following luxury vehicles in our lineup to take advantage of the high-tech features during your Elmhurst drives:

Experience INFINITI Technology Firsthand

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