Experience the New INFINITI at Clarendon Hills

October 21st, 2023 by

INFINITI of Clarendon Hills Embarks on a New Era with a Refreshing Commitment to Sustainability and Customer Experience

INFINITI of Clarendon Hills, a beacon of luxury and innovation for communities like Westmont and Hinsdale, is thrilled to unveil a comprehensive refresh that elevates customer connection and embodies thoughtful hospitality across all touchpoints, including the Q50, QX50, QX60, and QX80 models.

Revitalizing Retail Architecture with Japanese Design Philosophies

Central to this transformative update is a new global retail architecture design, an evolved logo, and a novel multisensory experience. The new architecture, meticulously crafted by the INFINITI global design team in Atsugi, Japan, intertwines a sleek, minimalist exterior with an open, luminous interior, offering a sanctuary where our valued customers from Oak Brook and surrounding areas can connect and immerse themselves in the INFINITI experience.

Embracing the Japanese Concept of “Ma” and “Engawa”

The design philosophy embraces the Japanese concept of “Ma,” valuing the space between things, and “Engawa,” blurring the boundaries between exterior and interior spaces. The exterior façade features a distinctive deep eave along the roofline, purposefully creating shadow and controlling direct sunlight into the showroom, while the interior has been reimagined to enhance spaciousness and ensure a seamless journey for the customer.

INFINITI Logo Evolution

The evolved INFINITI logo, the fourth iteration in its history, places a greater focus on the “infinite road” and horizon line, complemented by revised wordmark spacing that visually accentuates the horizon, symbolizing INFINITI’s unwavering commitment to looking forward to the future and to new horizons.

A Multisensory Experience that Resonates

INFINITI’s new multisensory experience, encompassing scent and sonic elements, creates an additional dimension of connection with customers. The new signature scent, crafted by a master scent designer in Japan, evokes a forest, with hints of hinoki wood, sugi, and yuzu, providing a subtle, invigorating, and calming atmosphere for guests.

Connecting Through Signature Sound

The brand master track “Moment of Tranquility” serves as the foundation for a new sound logo, marrying powerful musical elements with serene sounds to deliver a harmonious balance. A taiko drum contrasts with a soft furin, adding a layer of tranquility and refinement, while a voice humming signals that something exciting is about to happen.

Experience the New INFINITI at Clarendon Hills

Visitors to INFINITI of Clarendon Hills, conveniently located for Downers Grove, Westmont, and Hinsdale residents, can experience the new retail design and immerse themselves in a world where luxury and sustainability coexist harmoniously. Additional INFINITI sites across the globe will be updated over time, gradually introducing more customers to this innovative and refreshing new era of INFINITI.

For more information, visit INFINITI of Clarendon Hills or connect with us on our social media platforms.

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